Portable Wi-Fi hotspot -MOD

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot -MOD

Turn on Convenient Wi-Fi hotspot

Enhance your versatile processing knowledge.

Basic and quick.

**Before running the application setup is required.

SETTING: Settings->More..- >Tethering and convenient hotspot->Set up Wi-Fi hotspot


Rename or secure your versatile hotspot

You can change the name of your telephone’s Wi-Fi organize name (SSID) and secure its Wi-Fi arrange when it’s going about as a convenient hotspot.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot -MOD

Go to Settings > Remote and systems > More > Tying and convenient hotspot.

Ensure Convenient Wi-Fi hotspot is checked.

Touch Design Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Design Wi-Fi hotspot discourse opens.

Set your name and security choices as takes after:

Change the System

TO Utilize: Simply touch Versatile Wi-Fi hotspot symbol on/off

*Subscribing to cell phone information design is required for clients of some media transmission firms.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot -MOD






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